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On this page you will find a variety of resources for yoga teachers.

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Teaching When You Are Nervous

If you are an introvert or new to teaching, this is for you. Practical tips to get ready to teach a class.

Three different yoga sequence planner pages with a blue background.

Printable Sequence Planner

Use this to write and print your yoga sequences before class. You can hand write or type it out using adobe.

Smiling black woman, seated in easy seat with hands in prayer on a yoga mat in a field surrounded by other blurred women also on yoga mats.

Tapping Into A New Audience

Tips for pitching a partnership or collaboration to another organization or group to get a bigger audience and grow your business.

Your Work Matters

Even if you only teach an hour a week you are helping someone else make it through another day. As yoga teachers, we can help individuals protect their peace and find relaxation. We can help individuals look deep inside themselves to find their truths. We can help people find comfort and joy in moving and living in their own bodies. Our work makes a difference!