Coach Breanna Bang

I have always loved to move my body. To run. To dance. To bend. I wanted to share that love of movement with others and in 2020, I finally took steps to make that happen.

Contrary to popular belief, exercising and moving your body does not have to be about weight-loss. I believe we should enjoy moving our bodies and that exercising should be something to look forward to, rather than a chore. I aim to support individuals and communities on their fitness and wellness journeys.

I am a 200-HR Certified Yoga Teacher, and an RRCA Certified Running Coach.

While I am Denver-based, I often teach online to people all over the world. I also love to teach outdoors.

Black female in a black tank top, black baseball hat and dark grey shorts walks a black chow chow dog on a black leash on a desert trail with Cholla cacti and tall grass behind and around them.

Let's Work Together

Purple yoga mat with a purple yoga strap and cork yoga block on top of it.


I teach group, private and corporate classes, both in-person and online.

The ankles and purple leggins of a black woman in white running shoes with pink accents. The shoes are running down a dirt road with some grass.


Group and individual running coaching options to meet your needs.

Woman in a beige tank top and beige pants sits cross legged on a brownish yoga mat in a home office. Her arms and hands are raised in prayer above her head and a laptop sits open in front of her.


Group workshops and events on special topics or themes.

Kathryn D.

Thanks - I look forward to every second Monday writers yoga!


Thank you for the NaNoWriMo yoga sessions, Bre, I really enjoy them a lot, it makes me both relaxed and focused and I'm much more motivated to continue my writing afterwards. It's my first yoga experience in a long time and I feel very comfortable with the way you guide us through it, so calm, friendly and also creative. Thanks a lot!!!

Sundee F.

I love your gentle approach, soothing voice, and slow movements. You convey so much compassion and got me ready for my writing session today. Thank you!