We are trained to “pull ourselves up by the bootstraps,” but for most of us it really takes the support of a village for us to reach our goals. Everyone needs different things in their village to find success. If you need someone to help add structure to your fitness journeys so you can reach your goals, consider hiring Coach Breanna to help you get started and stay motivated.

It’s your journey. I’m just here to help.

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In running 101, RRCA Certified Running Coach and ACE Certified Personal Trainer Coach Breanna will go over running basics and tips to help you become a consistent runner.

A general 6-week beginner running plan and a PDF copy of BreOutside’s Guide for New Runners is included.

Get into the habit of running with this 4-week virtual running camp for new or inconsistent runners. Learn how yoga can help you build strength and prevent injury.

BreOutside Yoga Running Camp Includes:

  • A general 4-week running plan for beginners or runners who have been inconsistent or are coming back after a break. (Choice between time or distance-based).
  • Three Zoom yoga for runners classes each week. These will be recorded for those who cannot attend the live session.
  • BreOutside’s Guide for New Runners PDF.
  • One weekly group check-in over Zoom where campers can ask questions or chat about their success or difficulties.