Running Coaching

Coach Breanna is a Denver-based Road Runners Club of America Certified Running Coach. Whether you want to run a single mile or a full marathon, Coach Breanna can create a running plan specifically for you and work with you to help you complete your goal. Coach Breanna specializes in working with new, casual and inconsistent runners.

Not sure if you need a running coach? Let’s chat and find out if it’s the right fit for you.

Coming Soon (Fall 2022)- Weekly Running Club

All three running plans include:

  • Weekly in-person group runs three times per week.
  • Weekly virtual strength training workouts twice per week.
  • Running socials.
  • Race training programs.

Small Group Coach Services

Small group running coaching for groups of 2-4 people is also available and can save you some money. Keep in mind the pace and goals of the group need to be very similar because there will be one running plan created for the group (rather than a personal one for an individual). The plan will be specific for the group and will take into account all group members needs, level of fitness, and training goals.

Like the personal plans, strength training and/or yoga for runners will be included in the plan. One weekly coaching session (in Tempe, Arizona or via Zoom) will also be scheduled.


  • 2 Person Group $135/person per month
  • 3 Person Group $120/person per month
  • 4 Person Group $100/person per month

For monthly coaching, you can quit at anytime but there are no refunds or returns on running plans or running services once payment has been made.

Please contact Coach Breanna prior to purchasing to confirm availability or ask questions.

Services updated on May 19, 2021 and do not apply to plans or services purchased prior.

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