Yoga Event Services

Looking to host a unique wellness event? I teach yoga for:

  • apartment complexes looking to host a fun event for residents.
  • corporate offices trying to instill a culture of wellness.
  • restaurants and retailers looking to bring in new customers and do something extra for existing ones.
  • groups, families and individual looking for a good time.

Business Partnership Event

Let’s partner for an event at your business. They’ll come for yoga and stay for whatever else your business is offering (coffee, beauty products, etc.). Perfect to bring in new and existing clients on those slow business days!

The location of this class will either be on your property, a space you pay to rent in the Denver area or online via Zoom. If in-person I may want to visit the space to ensure it is appropriate for a yoga class and for your desired number of clients.

Pricing and profit sharing will depend on structure of the event (whether you want to charge just for the yoga class or include something else for the clients (i.e. a free drink).

Contact Coach Breanna by emailing Please include a phone number in your email.

Yoga Party

The grass is greener when we do yoga together. This service includes a one-hour yoga session by your pool or on your lawn, in a backyard or green space of your choosing. You can choose a relaxing gentle session or a yoga workout. In-person events must be within the Denver metro area.


  • $125 for 1-10 people
  • $200 for 11-25 people
  • $350 for 26-50 people
  • $500 for 50-100 people
  • $1000 for 100+ people

Notes for Yoga Parties and Business Partnership Events:

Mats and yoga equipment not included. It is your responsibility to limit the event attendees to a reasonable number who can participate based on the location.

You are responsible for getting any and all required permissions and permits for the location of your yoga event.

Coach Breanna and BreOutside LLC have professional liability coverage to cover her professional services, however, you are responsible for ensuring your insurance covers the location of the event and anything outside of the yoga service offered by Coach Breanna. You are also responsible for any required permits, fees, or special permissions needed to use the location of your choosing.

Let’s get moving! Contact me for questions or booking. Don’t see your event here? Just ask!

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