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Any advice or opinions shared here should not be taken as medical advice. Prior to beginning any new nutrition, fitness, or exercise program, it is recommended that you consult your physician. Any actions that you take as a result of reading, watching, viewing or listening to the information on BreOutside LLC, Part-Time Athletes or related sites and social media channels, you do so at your own risk.

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Waiver and Release

Because physical exercise can be strenuous and subject to risk of serious injury, you should obtain a physical examination from a doctor before using any exercise equipment or participating in any exercise activity.

By using this website, you agree that any participation in physical exercise or training activities, you do so entirely at your own risk. Any recommendation for changes in diet including the use of food supplements, weight reduction and/or body building enhancement products are entirely your responsibility and you should consult a physician prior to undergoing any dietary or food supplement changes. You agree that you are voluntarily participating in these activities and use of these services and content and assume all risks of injury, illness, or death.

By using this site, you acknowledge that you have carefully read this “waiver and release” and fully understand that it is a release of liability. You expressly agree to release and discharge BreOutside LLC, Part-Time Athletes Podcast, the trainer or instructor from any and all claims or causes of action and you agree to voluntarily give up or waive any right that you may otherwise have to bring a legal action against the trainer or instructor for personal injury or property damage.

To the extent that statute or case law does not prohibit releases for negligence, this release is also for negligence.

If any portion of this release from liability shall be deemed by a Court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, then the remainder of this release from liability shall remain in full force and effect and the offending provision or provisions severed here from.

By using this website and all associated content you agree to the waiver and release in full.

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