Tips for New Yoga Teachers Lesson 2: Pitching Your Partnership or Collaboration

In Lesson 1, I told you my story of how free yoga classes do not equate to getting students. That was merely one attempt at using free classes to lure students. I gave you one suggestion for getting more students into your classes, a partnership or collaboration with another business, nonprofit or public entity.

If you know who you want to do a collaboration or partnership with, here are some suggestions for formatting your pitch letter.

#1 Keep is short and to the point.

These are likely busy people you are trying to get in contact with. They likely don’t have the time or attention span to read your email if you make it a novel. Do yourself and them a favor and keep it short and to the point.

#2 Use bullet points and headings.

If you use bullet points and headings, it makes it much easier for them to skim and make the quick decision about whether they are interested.

#3 Include the who, what, where, when, why and how much.

Keep it short and to the point by organizing the email with the key details that the other party needs to know. Who are you, where will the class or event take place, when or what time frame do you want to hold the event, why is this event and your yoga business a good fit for their customers, and how much is it going to cost the other party.

#4 Be clear about the value you are providing.

Make it clear how your event is adding value to their business for their customers. What are they going to get out of the partnership or the event? Spell it out and make it worth their while.

#5 Make it personal.

Last, do not send out a mass email to multiple businesses with the same information and pitch. First, that is likely to end up in their spam folder. Second, you need to tailor this pitch to one business. Why them? Why are you and your business a good fit for them? How do their values align with yours? Those answers might be different for every business you pitch to.

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