Yoga Teacher’s Aide: Yoga for Werewolves Halloween Yoga Class Sequence

October is here and so are Fall-themed yoga classes! For new yoga teachers or yoga teachers new to “themed” classes, this is an example of a fun Halloween-themed yoga class. I chose a yoga for werewolves theme, but you could do this with any halloween monster.

My Yoga for Werewolves class was for a YouTube video. To keep it short and sweet, I broke it down into just five poses:

  1. Downward Facing Dog
  2. Lateral Side Bends
  3. Low-lunge
  4. Kneeling Half-moon
  5. Kneeling Peaceful Warrior

Return to table top and repeat poses three through five on the other side. Alternatively, you could repeat all five poses again.

If you are creating a longer class, I would suggest adding the following poses after doing poses three through five on both sides. From Table Top or Downward Facing Dog:

  1. High Lunge
  2. Warrior II
  3. Standing Peaceful Warrior
  4. Standing Half-Moon
  5. Warrior II
  6. Low-Lunge
  7. Downward Facing Dog
  8. Repeat steps one through seven on the other side.
  9. Puppy Dog
  10. Table Top
  11. Child’s Pose
  12. Baby Camel (Reverse Childs Pose)
  13. Recline Pigeon
  14. Happy Baby
  15. Savasana


When cueing in a themed class, think of ways you can relate things to match the cues. For example, in my Yoga for Werewolves video, I referred to hands and feet as paws. I also used “looking up at the moon” or “staring down prey” to help with directional cues.


You can take the theme as light or heavy as you want, adding in themed music, affirmations, mantras or visualizations. Just remember to consider your ideal student and the students currently attending your class. Make sure whatever themes you come up with and how you incorporate them will be appropriate for those two audiences.

Want More?

Yoga teachers are busy! It’s hard to find the time to come up with class themes and sequences, film, schedule live classes, advertise and keep your website up-to-date. Yoga Teacher’s Aide is a new resource for busy yoga teachers. Yoga Teacher’s Aide can audit your classes and studios if you need some critical feedback. We can review your website for ease of use and flow. You can also join the monthly club for $10 a month and start the month with detailed theme ideas, a 60 minute yoga sequence and more.

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